1 Hour Prescription Lenses in Highland

Expert eye care in Highland

1 hour prescription lenses in Highland

1 hour prescription lenses in Highland

What do you seek out when choosing a place to get your eye care and to have your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses filled? At EyeCare Associates of San Bernardino, we provide expert service, attention to your individual needs, high quality lens craftsmanship done right here on site, and our 1 hour prescription lenses in Highland.

We’re pleased to offer a wide array of designer frames for you to choose from when getting a new or updated eyeglass prescription. No matter what your taste, budget, or facial type, we have something that will be just perfect for you. Among the immediately recognizable names that you’ll find here are Revlon, DKNY, Ray Ban, Harley-Davidson, Tommy Bahama, and Joseph Abboud. Add in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes and you have a selection that is bound to meet with your approval. Of course, your frames aren’t much use without the lenses that go in them to improve your eyesight. Our opticians are highly skilled and you can be sure that your prescription lenses will correct your farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. If you need bifocals or multifocals, that’s also something we can do easily with our 1 hour prescription lenses in Highland.

Of course, you might also choose contact lenses. And why not? Today’s contacts are more comfortable and provide better vision than the ones made even 5 years ago. Hard lenses are often the best choice for severe nearsightedness or astigmatism and they provide the sharpest and clearest vision of all contacts. Soft lenses come in four basic types and are generally the easiest to become accustomed to. Color-changing contacts let you try on a completely different eye color and you can get them with our without prescription eyesight correction. The other types are all for improving your vision and meet the needs of your lifestyle and preferences. They include daily wear, extended wear, and disposable. All can be had as part of our 1 hour prescription lenses in Highland.

If it has been longer than a year since your last eye exam, please call us to schedule one with our optometrist. In addition to determining your current need for eyeglasses or contacts, it’s also important to be screened for common eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. It’s all part of our full service that includes our 1 hour prescription lenses in Highland.

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