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Are you often finding yourself having trouble keeping your head in the game and moving at peak performance in ways that simply can’t be remedied by daily practice on the field or exercises at the gym? Often times our bodies need more assistance than ever the most experienced and dedicated of athletic coaches can provide, for the simple reason that your performance on the field depends on more than just your ability to run a fast lap or move quickly on your feet. In order to play hard, you need to be able to see clearly and insure your eyes are doing their very best to keep up with you. Fortunately, just as your body can be trained to become faster, stronger, and more efficient, so too can your vision improve in the hands of a true professional. To find out how you can improve your competitive edge unlike ever before, simply visit the experts at your local eye doctor in San Bernardino at the offices of the Eyecare Associates of San Bernardino, and ask how Sports Vision can work for you.

92410 Eye Care

92410 Eye Care

Visual clarity is just like strong muscles and great cardio conditioning, it can be improved with a healthy diet, proper education, and a thoroughly targeted training schedule. While our eyes appear to most of us to see the world in one simple way, the truth is that clear vision is composed of many different aspects of sight, such as peripheral vision, depth perception, and even the ability to see at certain distances, all of which come together to form what our brain interprets as a perfect image. Our doctors at your professional eye doctor in San Bernardino begin your sports vision treatment with a state of the art optical examination to find out in which specific area of your vision your eyes are failing to perform perfectly in. From there our team will work alongside you to discuss your personal needs and sports conduct to determine a unique training routine that occurs both inside our offices and at home with routines you can perform that will work to strengthen your vision, just as you work to improve reflexes and speed at practice. If you have an additional optical condition, our doctors can also assist you in selecting the perfect sports eyewear to give you the edge you are looking for.

Our team at your local eye doctor in San Bernardino believe that your eyes should never hold you back in life, whether you are looking to cycle competitively, or longing to make first string at try-outs this season. At the Eyecare Associates of San Bernardino we have been proudly helping patients just like you to see more clearly for over 90 years. With sports vision care from the Eyecare Associate of San Bernardino you can truly give it your all with perfect vision when it matters most.

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