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Fontana Eye Doctor

At Eye Care Associates of San Bernardino, near Fontana, California, we offer a variety of contact lens options to our patients who are considering this form of vision correction. We pride ourselves on the ability to fit contact lenses for a vast majority of our patients, even those with astigmatism and presbyopia. At our Fontana optometry practice, we offer full-service contact lens care, including a thorough eye examination and fitting where our eye doctors will evaluate whether you can safely wear contact lenses, a discussion on what type and brand of contact lenses work best for you, an explanation on proper wear and care for your lenses, and all necessary follow-up office visits. For complete contact lens care, visit Eye Care Associates of San Bernardino near Fontana today!

At Eye Care Associates of San Bernardino near Fontana, we offer several types of contact lenses, including rigid gas-permeable lenses, daily disposable soft lenses, extended-wear disposable lenses, and daily wear soft contact lenses. Though our Fontana opticians will suggest a type and brand of contact lenses that are most appropriate for you, it is important that you know about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of contact lens.

Rigid gas-permeable lenses are available in daily wear or extended wear. These lenses provide excellent vision correction and are the best choice for patients with astigmatism. They are easy to care for and durable lenses, but they have a longer adaptation period than soft lenses. Our Fontana eye doctors may suggest that a patient begin with soft contact lenses and then move to RGP lenses. Additionally, these lenses are less suited for sports.

Daily disposable lenses are made up of a soft and flexible plastic that allows great flow of oxygen to the eye. These soft lenses provide excellent comfort because you’re using a new, fresh lens every single day, meaning there is no lens care needed. Daily disposables are great for people who are active and constantly on the go, but these lenses cannot correct all vision problems.

Extended wear disposable lenses can be worn up to thirty days! Made up of silicone, these lenses can stay in your eyes at night, so you can wake up and see! With little to no cleaning necessary, these extended wear contact lenses are excellent for active lifestyles. The only great disadvantage of these contacts is that you are at risk for eye infection if you do not follow all wearing instructions.

Daily wear soft contact lenses are a combination of daily disposables and extended wear. These lenses are replaced on a planned schedule, usually every two weeks or monthly. They require nightly storage, cleaning, and disinfecting, which runs a higher risk for eye infections. However, these lenses correct most prescriptions and eye problems and they are available in tints that can change your eye color!

Whichever contact lenses you choose, be sure to visit Eye Care Associates of San Bernardino near Fontana for a complete contact lens examination with our talented optometrists and opticians.

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