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Is there any difference between an adult eye exam and a pediatric eye exam? We’re glad you asked. While the same type of checkup applies generally, children are made to feel especially at home and comfortable at EyeCare Associates of San Bernardino. Children often feel anxious or even frightened when going to see any doctor and that’s why we create an atmosphere that is heavy on smiles and fun. You can help. Assure your child that a trip to see our Highland California optometrist is not going to include pain. A little preparation on your part and a whole lot of pleasantness on your part makes a pediatric eye exam much easier on you and your child.

Eye Exams Highland CA

Eye Exams Highland CA

His or her visual acuity will be checked and there will also be a screening for common eye diseases. Glaucoma and cataracts are examples of eye concerns that are not age specific. And since these along with most eye diseases usually show no obvious symptoms until they have advanced, the benefits of a yearly pediatric exam with our Highland California optometrist should be immediately obvious. Other eye issues are relevant to children specifically such as amblyopia (lazy eye). While not a disease, it is important to detect and treat it in a timely fashion. Unaddressed amblyopia can lead to it becoming a permanent condition. Drooping eye is another example of a condition that can affect children and that will be looked for as part of a pediatric eye exam.

Your child’s eyesight will be measured using various tests including an eye chart with pictures and letters. For children not yet old enough to read, “the tumbling E game” is a fun and effective way for our Highland California optometrist to evaluate her or his vision. A series of E’s are presented and he or she will say in which direction each one is pointing. Of course, if your child needs eyeglasses, a prescription will be written and then it will be filled by our optician.

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