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San Bernardino Eye Exams

No matter what your age or how clear you vision may be, adults and children alike need to be having their eyes examined at least once a year. For those of us who do live with a vision problem, these examinations work to insure that the prescription you need to see clearly is always up to date. In the past, it was thought that vision problems stopped getting worse when our eyes stopped growing. However, the same technology we rely on for work and school can also cause harm to our eyes, causing prescriptions to change year after year. These exams also include state of the art testing for optical diseases which can exist for years without showing symptoms, and can occur to anyone regardless of how perfect your vision may appear to be. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need with both eye exams for both eyeglasses and contact lenses with your trusted optometrist in San Bernardino.

Optometrist in San Bernardino
Optometrist in San Bernardino

Regular eye exams are not just an added expense, but are in fact necessary for everyone at every age in life, regardless of whether or not you have a previously diagnosed vision problem or not. Here at Eye Care Associates in San Bernardino we conduct comprehensive eye exams such as red eye examinations, foreign body removal, abrasions, low vision and sports vision. Our optometrists here in San Bernardino will help you not only with direct treatment but with suggesting adjustments to your lifestyle that can make a big difference.

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