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Rialto optometrist

Many patients are aware they should immediately schedule an appointment with their Rialto optometrist at EyeCare Associates of San Bernardino if they are experiencing any double or blurred vision, difficulty seeing while driving at night, trouble distinguishing objects at a distance or cannot read fine or small print. Additionally, pain or pressure around the eyes, headaches, dizziness and burning or dry eyes may also benefit from professional attention. However, the most important time to set up a comprehensive eye examination is annually, whether you are experiencing vision changes, physical symptoms or feel as though nothing is different. Debilitating and vision stealing eye diseases can be present with absolutely no warning signs and the only way they may be detected is with a thorough professional examination, making an office visit your first available resource for safeguarding your eye health.

Your eye care begins with a physical examination of your eyes, a visual acuity testing, multiple screenings utilizing the latest equipment for a variety of eye diseases, and concludes with an in-depth consultation. During the detail discussion, your Rialto optometrist at EyeCare Associates of San Bernardino will encourage you to share not only any experiences you may have had that would indicate a problem with your eye health, but your physical history as it relates to your eyes is equally important. A number of medical issues as well as their accompanying treatment medications may have known side effects that can result in damage to your eyes or vision. Your optometrist will also welcome your questions regarding your recommended course of treatment, examination findings and any other eye health concerns.

The first step is to schedule a convenient appointment with your Rialto optometrist at EyeCare Associates of San Bernardino for a complete professional eye exam. Our team of caring and knowledgeable professionals can also assist you with many commonly asked new patient questions regarding accepted insurance providers as well as additional eye care services we offer. We look forward to meeting with you, as well as the members of your family, soon and assisting you by preserving or restoring your healthy eyes and crystal clear vision.

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