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Glaucoma screenings in Riverside

Riverside eye specialist
Riverside eye specialist

When the pressure inside your eyes increases to a level that is too high to be considered safe, you have developed the eye disease called glaucoma. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, what your medical history is, your heredity, or your ethnic background, because you may still get it. The best outcomes are closely associated with early detection and treatment. At EyeCare Associates of San Bernardino, we recommend a yearly examination that includes our glaucoma screenings.

The reason why the pressure in your eye becomes excessive is that your eyes are creating more fluid than they can effectively drain. Early detection would be easier to accomplish if there were obvious symptoms to alert you. Clear signs typically do not show up until glaucoma is in a more advanced stage. By then, though, you may have experienced some degree of vision loss or damage to your eyes, both of which are often irreversible. Annual visits to our Riverside eye specialist are the best method for ensuring that any indications of this eye disease are found and addressed before they can result in harm. But if you do notice any degree of vision loss, tunnel vision, eye haziness, or nausea or vomiting along with one of the other symptoms, it could mean glaucoma has reached a later stage. Under those circumstances, don’t delay. It is vital that you see our Riverside eye specialist promptly. Tonometry is the baseline test for glaucoma. It measures your internal eye pressure. Other testing is done so that a conclusive diagnosis can be made. If so, potential treatment options will be assessed and discussed with you.

While it’s on your mind, contact our office and let us set up a convenient time for you to come in for a glaucoma screening done by our Riverside eye specialist.

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